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Haas Online

World’s most advanced automated crypto trade bots

Rapidly develop, back-test, and deploy high frequency crypto trade bots across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges in minutes, not hours.

Trading View

TradingView is not just an awesome tool, it’s also home to a global community of investors and traders who discuss their ideas. You can expand your knowledge for free by learning from them and share your ideas to get feedback. Make your name in the trading community and get discovered by trading firms, or find other career opportunities in ..

Simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis experts, TradingView has all of the instruments for publication and the viewing of trading ideas. Real-time quotes and charts are available for wherever you are at whatever time.


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Buy & sell Crypto in minutes

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New Block Chain Internet

My first blockchain website.


Add this extension to your Firefox browser, Chrome browser, Brave browser then type agentcentric.crypto

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Buy, Manage and Secure your crypto.

Buy crypto, grow your assets and manage your
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27 coins and more than 1500 tokens supported.



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